CV Advice

Some CV advice that will increase your chances of gaining an interview for an estate agent job: –

  1. Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for – read the person specification of the estate agent job and target your CV to it. Highlight all of your relevant skills that match the person specification.
  2. Don’t write more than 2 pages – an ideal CV should be between 1 and 2 pages long. Most interviewers will ignore CVs that are too long.
  3. Make it visually appealing, but not over the top – unless you are applying for a graphic design position, do not include graphics.
  4. Don’t write long paragraphs – stick to bullet points to make it easier for the person that has to sift through hundreds of CVs, but don’t just list your day to day jobs. Explain how your actions positively impacted the company.
  5. Tell the truth – if you lie on your CV, they will catch you out at the interview, or when you start the job.
  6. Don’t make errors – grammatical or spelling mistakes will make you look terrible. Use spell checker. Get somebody to proof read it and triple check it before you send to the recruiter.
  7. Include a covering letter – a covering letter will expand on your CV and allow you to show off your writing skills
  8. Account for any gaps on your employment record – if you don’t fill in the gaps, the recruiter may draw their own assumptions.
  9. Make sure the dates are accurate – don’t say that you have worked somewhere for two years, if you were only there two months. You’ll get found out.
  10. Ensure that your CV matches your Linkedin profile – the worst thing you want is to be offered the position, for them to check your Linkedin profile and realise that it doesn’t match your CV.

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